The EHRAB Group broadens its offer through recruitment and matching services outside the construction industry

The EHRAB Group, Sweden’s largest staffing company for the construction industry, broadens its successful labor market programs for the construction industry to also include other industries. This will be done through the subsidiary SweaJobb Arbetsförmedling AB.

Ever since the start in 2010, The EHRAB Group has been at the forefront, and successfully worked to, make the construction industry a cleaner and more honest industry where the workers get the respect they deserve and are employed with statutory conditions, regardless of which country they work in. Now, the EHRAB Group wants to do more for Sweden’s labor market and use its proven methods to match jobseekers and companies also outside the construction industry.

“We think that everyone deserves a fair chance at work and we want to be part of the needed market shift for that to happen,” says Benjamin von Jahf, CEO of EHRAB Gruppen. He continues: “We want to continue to increase diversity and integration in the society outside the construction industry. That is why we started SweaJobb which, among other things, will use EHRAB’s methods to match candidates with suitable employers.”

EHRAB has hired Daniel Niroozad to lead SweaJobb Arbetsförmedling AB. Daniel has extensive experience from leading positions and labor market programs, such as Rusta and Matcha. He will focus on building the company through franchisees who start their own recruitment and staffing agencies across Sweden. This will be a great help to job seekers across the country. SweaJobb will, among other things, deliver the Rust & Matcha service in collaboration with EHRAB, Arbetsförmedlingen, and the European Social Fund.

“Today, there is a huge need for this type of service and the labor market needs to be updated with new ways to get people back into the labor market,” says Daniel Niroozad, Labor Market Manager, “I am really looking forward to working with SweaJobb and EHRAB and to being part of the future labor market”.

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Benjamin Von Jahf, CEO EHRAB Group

Daniel Niroozad, Labor market manager